About Me

I have been involved in music all of my life. As soon as I was able to join the school choir, I joined. As soon as I was able to join the school band, I joined.
I started playing the trombone in the 5th grade and played it in concert bands, pep bands and jazz bands all the way through college. In high school I also picked up keyboards, bass guitar and tuba. I played bass guitar and keyboards in a few rock bands in high school and college. I also became involved in the technical side of theater during high school.

Realizing that my odds of becoming a rock star were not good, I decided that a realistic alternative would be to become a recording engineer. While studying Audio Technology at the American University I became much more involved with both sound and lighting for the theater. While working toward a Masters in Audio Technology I found myself doing a lot of freelance sound and lighting work in local theaters. I never looked back.

Most of my life since then has been in the theater. In addition to a lot of freelance design and crew work, I spent 4 years as the Chief Technician for The Barns at Wolf Trap and 7 years as the Technical Director for the Wolf Trap Opera Company. I also spent time on staff at George Mason University and the University of Maryland. Over time, I became more involved in video. I have designed video and projections for Rep Stage, Imagination Stage and the Kennedy Center. I have produced and edited video for the State Department's Foreign Service Institute, independent documentaries and 'serious games' produced by WILL Interactive, Inc. For an article about the type of games WILL Interactive does (as well as a picture of me at work) click here.